15 de outubro de 2009

e a vida é mestre em nos (fazer) deixar (de) bobos

7 de outubro de 2009

LOST 04x05 - The Constant

PENNY: Hello?


PENNY: Desmond?

DESMOND: Penny...Penny, you answered. you answered,

PENNY: Des, where are you?

DESMOND: I'm...I'm on a boat. Um...I've been on an
island, and--- Oh, my god, Penny. Is that really you?

PENNY: Yeah! Yes, it's me!

DESMOND: You believe me? You still care about me?

PENNY: Des, I've been looking for you for the past
three years. I know about the island. I've been
researching---(static)---and then when I spoke to your
friend Charlie, that's when I knew you were still
alive. That's when I knew I wasn't crazy. Des, are you
still there!?

DESMOND: Yes, yes, I'm here! I'm still here, can you
hear me?

PENNY: Yeah, yeah, that's better.

DESMOND: I love you, Penny. I've always loved you. I'm
so sorry. I love you!

PENNY: I love you too.

DESMOND: I don't know where I am, but--

PENNY: I'll find you, Des--

DESMOND: --I promise--

PENNY: --no matter what--

DESMOND: --I'll come back to you--

PENNY: --I won't give up--

BOTH: I promise. I love you.

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